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River Island Launches RI Dog Fashion Line

High street retailer River Island have been recognised for many a year for their ability to be able to not only spot a trend but also produce their own variations to make fashion accessible to those that can’t afford higher

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Alexander McQueen Record Sales Come At A Cost As Label Makes A Loss

Fashion label Alexander McQueen have revealed that they have seen ‘unprecedented levels’ of sales last year and expressed that they had seen record levels of sales across their retail and wholesale channels however their success came at a cost. According

Australian Label Ellery Slammed By PETA For Use of Fur in Pre-AW16 Collection

Australian fashion label Ellery have become the latest fashion house to fall foul of animal rights group PETA after their Australian based organisation launched an online campaign to air their protest against one of the latest AW16 collection pieces that

British Weather Uncertainty Gives Fashion Retail Sales The Chill

The fashion market has always been profitable for retailer and designers that have tipped the fashion trends throughout the seasons, however it seems that in the modern day that fact is now being played down and high street retailers are

All Saints 20% Off Voucher Code

With the Autumn season certainly heading our way faster than we would like (in terms of the weather anyway) it looks like online retailer All Saints are giving you the chance to be able to save on our upcoming wardrobe

Adidas NMD R1 Primeknit Japan Boost Land At FootAsylum

When it comes to trainers there is one thing that can set you apart from the masses, being able to get your hands on the latest looks before everyone else and with the new Adidas NMD R1 Primeknit Japan Boost

Nike Introduce Colour Blocking With Air Max 90 Premium SE Reveal

Nike Air Max has been a brand that has been recognised for decades, ever since they entered into the footwear marketplace and have come the central part of many fashionista’s collection of trainers since that moment, however it seems that

Autumn Ready With Criminal Archie Borg Parka

With the summer season quickly running into the colder climate of the UK autumn, I have been on the hunt for a new jacket that I can pick up to ensure that I am ready to deal with those chilling

Women’s Autumn Boots – Getting AW 2016 Ready Now

I know that many of you will already be looking at the AW16 collections that retailers and designers are getting ready to push into their stores and that is why I thought that I would make sense for me to

Distressed And Ripped Jeans Leading The Trend Right Now

There is nothing better than finding the perfect pair of fitting jeans, but when it comes to keeping up with the constant changes in the trend flow we know as the fashion world, sometimes you have to be willing to

Ann Summers AW16 Collection Shows Firm Push Towards New Trends

Ann Summers has always been known for their sexy attire and association with adult sex toys, creating somewhat of a taboo when it comes to even mentioning the name, hell even some men are still going out of their way

Kanye West Claims People ‘Misunderstand’ His Fashion Collection As Season 4 Collection Flops

Rapper turned fashion designer Kanye West launched his latest collection of his Yeezy clothing range earlier this week and unfortunately for him it seems that his collection was not as well received as he thought it should have been, with

Anniesa Hasibuan Makes NYFW History As Head Scarves Premiere

Indonesian fashion designer Anniesa Hasibuan made history in the world of fashion as her collection took to the New York Fashion Week stage this week, boasting a collection that saw every outfit finished with a head scarf. Attendees watched as