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Okay so the festive period is upon us and that means that unless you are planning to live under a rock for the next few weeks, you are about to be faced with a variety of party and gathering invites that will dictate your social calendar for at very least the last 4 weeks of the year.

Now if you are like me and fear that moment that you are stood at the bar area only to establish that the two guys either side of you are wearing the same scent at you, listen up as I have a recommendation that is sure to tell the men from the boys and help you to avoid that happening.

Forget about spraying on that all day scent that you put on for work and an evening with the guys down at the local pub and start thinking about sticking out from the crowd, believe me, this one will be sure to be the talk of the evening.

Aventus by Creed is as high profile as they come, featuring a unique scent that will not only make others stand up and take notice but if you aren’t asked at least 10 times what you are wearing, you are hanging about with the wrong crowd.

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the sort of scent that you are going to be able to rock every day due to the price range that we are looking at, but rest assured, hit the party with this lingering behind you and everyone will know that you have landed.

Prices range from £211.00 for 75ml up to £249.99 for a 100ml bottle but a couple of sprays before you head out of the door and you are scented up for the complete evening… Trust me.

Make a real statement and get all of the attention with Creed Aventus this festive party season, you’ll thank me countless times after if you do!

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