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Okay so not many of us like to admit it but after the festivities that we have been through during the Xmas period, we have put on a few extra pounds or for some it may be a little more than that.

As well as making it your mission to join the gym and get rid of that extra flab, you need to take a moment to consider the way that you are dressing, as getting it wrong can make those excess pounds even more visible!

I’m one of those of you that have added an inch here and there, I’ll admit that and its time that if you are trying to deny the fact that you are too, it’s time to come clean and take some fashion action to combat it.

With the realisation that I have the delicately named ‘muffin top’ now sitting over my waist band, I thought that it would be best that I come up with some fashion tips for the larger man…

So here are three things that you need to be looking for in your wardrobe:

Fit – Avoid Figure Hugging

The way that your clothes fit is one of the biggest ways that you can control the perception that you give through your appearance and opting to wear something that has slimfit tailoring really is going to give the world a clear view of those extra additions that you picked up over the past couple of months.

When it comes to dressing as a larger than ‘would like’ man, you need to be willing to compromise a little on the fit of some of your clothing, especially when it comes to shirts, jackets and coats as their outline can be unforgiving if you are looking to hide the secret.

If you are carrying a little extra weight, you should forget about those slimmer fitted items and turn your attention to clothes that have a little less tailoring to them, taking the shirt example again and instead looking for a more classic fit.

Moving away from the sculpting lines of fitting can help you alter the perception of your body shape a little bit thanks to the additional outline that your clothes will carry, maintaining a more balanced outline and giving you a little additional room to alter your silhouette without any other effort.

Simple – Ditch the print and patterns

As much as you loved that patterned jumper, unfortunately your inability to control your urge for that selection box for breakfast diet over the Christmas period means that you are going to have to leave it on the hanger for a little while as busy patterns in the wrong direction are going to enhance your body size either in a good way or bad.

I won’t be the first person to tell you that Black is considered to be a ‘slimming’ colour unless you have been living under a rock, so let me explain a little bit about those patterned items you have in your wardrobe and why they simply can’t be part of your life right now…

Patterns have been a fashion friend or foe (depending on whether you have understood their impact on your look or not) for a number of years and the reason for that is that they give an impression that your body is an alternative shape to what it actually is.

For example, patterns that are vertical (up and down) give the appearance that your body is longer than it actually is, hence why pinstripe suits are a certain winning purchase for those looking to take attention from their waist line.

On the flip-side of that, patterns that go horizontally across your front will make you appear to be wider, more rounded than you actually are, hence why I have recommended that you avoid them unless you know how to counteract their appearance.

This means that you should be thinking about keeping it ‘plain jane’ and reaching for that pattern-free attire where possible, but don’t let what I am saying about dumping that flower print with going with something that lacks some sort of definition…

Light Weight – Keep that silhouette nice and wide

When you are trying to hide that extra weight, heavyweight clothing is certainly not going to be your friend right now, instead you should be looking for something that is lightweight and will flow with your outline rather than stick to the silhouette.

Although you will know that I am a big advocate for big knit items, we are quickly coming out of the colder weather, so it will soon be time to put those away for another summer season, just you are going to have to say goodbye a little sooner than we would have liked.

We are trying to keep the clothes from sitting as close to our body-line as possible, so forget about grabbing that figure hugging cashmere and think more blazer, still warm but not about to sit on those love handles that you are planning to do something about.

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