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It seems to be one of the seasons of the year that has people all over the place looking to improve themselves in order to look their best during the holiday season, after all no one wants to have to sport a gut while they are laid on the beach do they?

Well one of the biggest things that comes with the summer months here in the UK is the potential for the sun to give us a little more than the chance to be able to see daylight for longer than a couple of hours and that means that we see t-shirts, shorts and a range of non-full length fashion trends coming into place, so if you are reading this and thinking that you missed your chance last summer, now is the time to be thinking ahead for this summer.

One of the biggest challenges that we face with summer seasons as fashion lovers is the introduction of bold colours, often without those silhouette cutting lines, so if you aren’t ready for that you are going to have to look at ways in which you can still dress in the latest fashion without looking like an oversized lemon.

So here are my tips for getting summer season ready, so this time you can take your pick of the seasonal fashion that we are set to be unleashed by many of our favourite fashion designers:

Cut that waist line

Unfortunately this means that you are going to have to pay more attention to what you eat, purely because the way that we have seen shorts related trends going, they are opting for a more streamlined fit.

This means that they often hug the outer line of your body shape, like we have seen with chino shorts in recent years.

Add to that the fact that the camel shade colour trend came onto the scene last year, we were faced with having to show off both our legs and our waistline thanks to the neutral colours offering very little to draw the attention away from what we naturally had to sport.

As a red haired male myself, naturally I have red hairs that run the length of my legs and that means that combined with my pale complexion there is plenty of reasons for people to look towards my lower body.

As much as there are fashion hacks that allow those with larger waist lines to hide their shape when it comes to trousers and jeans, the effect is lost when it comes to fashion that stops half way.

This means that if you are suffering from a few extra pounds following the festive season, you are going to have to think about what it is your diet consists of and make changes where possible in order to keep those calories down between now and the summer months.

If like me you struggle to see through the countless promises of ‘a 6 pack in 6 weeks’ articles (I have attempted 2 of them so far and know that its not the case), then it might be worth looking more towards something with a little bit of substance, like using one of the bigger branded healthy eating diets.

Something like Slimmers World or Weight Watchers are considered to be the leading brands in this area, however would mean that you would have to free up a little bit of time to attend the little meetings that come along with them.

I personally know at least six people that are attending the meetings and have said that they certainly help then keep on task and I have eaten meals at their houses and they haven’t served up a plate of mush yet, so the food certainly doesn’t make you feel like you are dieting.

If you want to attend one of these you will have to check in your local area to see whether they have meetings suitable for you, but think about it as being a chance to get that summer body in time for your holidays.

You can even give them a try and save on your first meeting cost with sites like this one offering money off.

Clear out your wardrobe

One of the hardest things for me to do as a fashion lover is having to part with the wardrobes full of clothes, I mean with seasonal trends cycling all of the time and things that had fallen off the trend ladder making their way back into the trend cycle months or years later, it can be easy to fall into the trap of keeping hold.

One of the most certain things that will happen this summer is that knitted and heavyweight clothing will fail to feature, meaning that although you need them more than ever in the winter climate, the darker nights are fading and the weather, although it may not feel like it, is starting to try to hold it’s head above freezing.

This means that in the coming weeks, we are going to be hitting the fresher Spring time weather and that those heavier items will rightly take their place back in the wardrobe for another year, but it is at this point that parting company can be easier than hanging on to it.

Think of it as a Spring time band aid that needs to be ripped off quickly in order to prevent the longer lasting pain of losing them from your radar.

As much as it will pain you to throw out the new in time to add to the new, just think that you will soon have the chance to replace them with new, on trend collections.

Freshen up your footwear collection

One of my biggest collections within my fashion haul is my footwear collection, I mean I have a vast array of brands, styles and colours of which many would be deemed to be timeless classics, like my Converse hi-tops, however there has to be a time that we part ways and that time is quickly approaching.

My advice here is that as classic as some may be, the trends are going to change and that means that the trainers and other forms of footwear that you have are going to have to conform with that if you are going to be able to wear the season correctly.

As summer colours are going to differ this year, i’ll be looking to get rid of any coloured trainers that aren’t white or black, keeping my wardrobe free for the new palette of colours that will be coming into trend in the coming months, in terms of smarter footwear, keep brown, tan and black as those again are always going to work with whatever the fashion world determines the new trend to be.


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