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With the AW16 collection in your wardrobe already seeing more of the daylight than you would have liked it to, the fact is that we are slowly turning the corner that marks the entry of the UK spring season and that means that you wouldn’t have to head out the in same old jacket or coat for too much longer.

If like me you have been one of those savvy shoppers for the autumn and winter seasons that has given you the chance to be able to mix and match your outfit to give off a different overall look, then I know that by now you will be coming to the point where you are starting to struggle to come up with something unique but don’t panic, its almost time to restock your wardrobe!

I have been taking a look at potential Spring 2017 trends so that we can get to grips with what we should be looking to expect as well as being able to get the jump on the buying before the retailers get the tip off and we see some of the most basic of items increase in price simply due to being the latest ‘must have’.

There are a number of trends that are being tipped to make an appearance throughout the spring season this year, including bright colours, all over printed patterns and items that will show off a little more of your body than you will have done for sure in the past few months.

The latter is the one that seems to appeal more to me due to the complexation I naturally have, I mean going with a bright electric blue is hardly going to work in complete harmony with my red hair is it?

Although this trend seems to be more pointed towards women, with an expected rise in the number of sheer and ‘cut-away’ style dresses that we will see making their way onto the retailer floor, I’m taking this opportunity to go back a couple of years to the likes of cut t-shirts and ripped jeans.

Although the re-occurrence of the cut jeans trend is going to hit for men that are looking to take their own version to the see-through dress that dominated the headlines surrounding the recent New York Fashion Week 2017, as you can see here being worn in true form by Kendall Jenner (centre photo).

Okay so that isn’t going to mean that as men we are going to be reaching for the sparkle frock, don’t panic, we are going to instead go with a more familiar style:

With cut away fashion seeming ready to make another stance that will see it appear in the upcoming trend for spring 2017, it means that we need to be looking to be taking steps to ensure that we can carry the look off, even those of us with a slimmer build and silhouette.

So what can we be looking at doing in order to make the upcoming trend sit well with you?

Well those of you that are reading this that are brandishing facial hair will have to look towards getting a trim as the days of the fuller length breads have now passed and the start of spring will see the more kept facial hair revolution coming into force.

Whether you opt to go with a shadow or a lower grade just to keep the rougher edge to your look, that is up to you but as the colder temperatures begin to pass, its time to free your face and let the sun in a little.

I have been looking for an electric razor myself that can give me a close shave without going too low, so I took a look at a number of reviews and settled with a more moderate priced one from this site.

Get over the festive flump

I’ve covered the need for us to be looking to take on the extra weight that we picked up over the winter season and with the summer trends only months way, along with the chance to be able to take to the skies and soak up some more of what the sun has to offer.

I have taken the first step to doing that myself, joining the gym on one of their lower priced memberships for the moment while I get used to the fact that I won’t be spending my evenings solely looking for fashion news, trends and bargains in the sales, instead i’ll be trying to ‘get fit’.

A perk of joining the gym at the start of the year is that they threw in a free personal trainer session so that I know what i’m doing, including with my diet as apparently that is one of the biggest changes that I will have to make.

Andy is far beyond what I will be looking to achieve but his words are golden, so i’ll be trying the ‘Lean 13’ diet, something that my cousin has been following for the past month or so and she says that its not some traditional, leave you hungry sort of diet, so i’m hopeful.

If you wanted to check it out too, you can get some money off with the site here.




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