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Having style is one thing but being able to take your style and make it work for you is another and often while we are able to piece together a look that makes us feel like a lion in the urban jungle, many often miss one of the most important finishing touches that could truly make them walk on side of greatness – fragrance.

Okay it may seem like something so small but finding a fragrance that suits is as important as the tailored finish in your suit but a high number of men seem to be willing to either compromise on their scent or simply don’t know the difference between a cheap smelling aftershave and a more powerful fragrance that will get you noticed for all of the right reasons.

While it is common for men to find a scent they like and stick with it, unfortunately that mentality means that you will often fall behind the times, overlooking scents that will be as noteworthy as you enter a crowded room as your new designer blazer.

Now that you are starting to understand the importance, lets take a moment to have a look at some attributes that you can consider while you embark on your mission to find that upgrade to your tired scent…

Understand Concentrations

While most men will know that aftershaves and fragrances come in a range of different variants, many don’t know what the differences are between Eau de Toilette or parfum but understanding that will help you pick a scent that is right for you.

What determines the variant of scent is the concentration of the scent notes that make up the smell that you have chosen, with the highest concentration being parfum which in turn comes with the highest price tag attached to it.

Finding a scent that is of this concentration will often mean that you will wear the scent for a full day without the need to replenish throughout the day, no matter how challenging the conditions, so this is how you can tell whether a scent that another man is wearing is in the more premium price range or not.

One of the most commonly bought scent choices is Eau de Toilette and although it translates to toilet water for many, is still one of the most highly produced variants of scents across the market. While still being strong enough to keep you smelling great for a couple of hours, you will need to keep your bottle with you if you are looking to keep that jaw dropping smell following you about for the full day.

When looking at fragrances, here is a quick list of the levels of concentration, with the highest in the list more likely to support your mission to smell great throughout the day:

  • Parfum
  • Eau de Parfum
  • Eau de Toilette
  • Eau de Cologne

Test A Fragrance Before You Buy

One of the biggest issues that men face when buying fragrances online is knowing what it actually smells like and that is why many men prefer to buy in person, as this allows you to not only try the scent that you are thinking about buying before you buy but also allows you to sample other options too.

Again it is important to think about the concentration level of the scent that you are testing, as spraying directly onto your wrist could mean that you are about to be stuck with that smell for the rest of the day, which isn’t so much of a problem if you like it but will leave you regretting your decision not to use the tester strips if you don’t.

When buying we often look for other people’s opinions and that is usually fine when it comes to buying something like clothing or footwear but when it comes to fragrances, you need to remember that it is you that will be wearing it and some people draw impressions of a person based on both their appearance and smell.

Understand What Makes Your Fragrance ‘The One’

For some reason men seem to struggle with the concept that we are allowed to express what we feel about things that we buy, its not just ‘a woman thing’.

Choosing the right fragrance is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightly as picking one of the more expensive choices can result in a fairly hefty hit to your bank account depending on which brand you opt to buy, but remember that a good bottle of aftershave can last you months.

Don’t be afraid to spend a little time thinking about the sort of fragrance notes that you would like to find in your next fragrance, as they are key aspects to the selection process and individual to you, for example we like woody notes with very little floral while you could be completely different.

Whether you are looking to explore your scent palette a little more or want to figure out whether so the inclusion of pheromones within specific brands will make the opposite sex stand up and take more notice of you, the choice is ultimately yours however the fundamentals do remain the same.

Now if you are reading this thinking ‘aftershave with pheromones?’ you may think that I have lost my mind but they do exist, honest!

While not really available on the wider scale, there has been a rise in the number of sites where you can purchase male pheromone colognes online and although they aren’t really our thing, you may well want to unleash the animal instinct…

Whatever you decide, make sure to come back and comment below so that we can see what you have chosen as at the moment we are sticking with Creed as we covered not too long ago and are always willing to try new scents.

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