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With fashion a huge market each and every year, it comes as no surprise that the consumer desire to keep up with the ever changing trends has created a niche within the market for companies that offer to send products to you on a monthly basis, right to your doorstep.

While I am very much an advocate for being able to try clothes on when buying due to the number of times that I have ordered only to find that I have got the fitting or sizing wrong, there are a couple of subscription services that I have tried and loved in the past few months, so if you are a lazy shopper or simply want to be able to get your hands on something that is a little less mainstream, here are a couple of options that I would suggest you give a try.


Briefd SubscriptionBriefd are a company that are going to take the fuss out of buying new underwear, because let’s face it guys, when it comes to buying boxer shorts there is definitely no enjoyment to be had while you are searching through the remaining sizes in the hope that you can find some that will fit.

While I do try to keep my drawers topped up with designer underwear, at times I have to admit that I have taken convenience over branded options but those struggles are no more as I have them delivered.

There are two options of subscription with them though, so you do have some control over the sort of brands you are going to receive, with the lowest price option at £17.99 offering the likes of Diesel and Frank Dandy but the slightly more expensive (+£6.00) making sure that you get your hands on brands like Calvin Klein and Bjorn Borg.

I should point out that each month you will receive one pair through the post and they will decide which colour you’ll get but it certainly keeps your wardrobe varied.

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Monthly Tee Club

Monthly Tee ClubYou can never have too many t-shirts and that certainly applies to me as they must be the staple of my wardrobe but at times it becomes way too easy to be thinking that you need yet another plain mono t-shirt to add to your collection of about 40 others just like it.

In order to combat that, I searched about for a t-shirt subscription company to see what they had to offer and while there are a few out there, I decided to settle with these guys as they looked to have the most variance when it came to designs.

This is the first month that I will have used these guys but it made it easy to trial because I get my first one free, so at least I will get an up, close and personal look at the quality and style of their t-shirts and have the option to be able to cancel if I’m not as interested once its here.

For £9.99 a month, it really is a small price to pay when it comes to getting some custom designed clothing so I’ll be sure to do a follow up on these guys when it arrives and I have a little time.

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Well that is really the only ones that I am using at the moment, however I know that there are a number of companies that offer men’s grooming products in the same fashion, so I’m thinking that over the next couple of months I will also be signing up to one or two of those too, so I will do a similar post about those too.

Are you using any subscription services like these at the minute?

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