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We all have those ‘go-to’ items in particular situations and while we may well feel that we are keeping our style on point, the fact is that if you have been going to those items for a number of years then you are likely to have fallen into a style rut.

Don’t panic, it is easy to do and not always easy to identify but with styles and trends continuing to move forward at an alarming rate, ask yourself whether you have really allowed your style to follow those developments or have you played it safe and stuck to what you know?

Finding yourself in a style rut doesn’t have to mean that you have to completely overhaul your wardrobe either, so put down those bin liners and list to what we have to share with you in terms of tips to kick start your style once again.

As with so many issues that we face in life, the starting point of recovery is having the ability to openly tell yourself that you do in fact have an issue, in this case it’s purely cosmetic and in many instances able to be rectified within a short space of time.

So how do you recognise that your style has lost its impact?

Although it can be hard to see that you are in a rut, especially if you have a vast collection of clothes to your disposal, there are tell-tale signs that you should look out for as for many they highlight the fact that you have got too comfortable, allowing your style to become ‘the norm’.

So let’s take a look at those easy to spot oversights that you may have made that allowed this to happen to you…

Clothes you own don’t go together

do not wear these together

We all have an area in our wardrobe that seems to play host to the clothes that we bought thanks to a trend that happened and passed through, yet we have either refused or forgotten to through it out, however there are some of you out there that will have a collection that ranges from one extreme to the next.

While variety is good, excessive amounts means that you are allowing your eye for style slip and this begins to compromise your style, there are no doubts there.

Your wardrobe should be filled of clothes that are able to complement each other, both in terms of shade and style and if that isn’t the case it’s time for a clear out.

Wardrobe clear outs become pointless

We understand that there will be particular items within your wardrobe that you always turn to when it comes to a relevant occasion, whether that be your lucky shirt or those customised jeans that you like to wear during festival season, but outside of a minor aspect of your collection there are clothes in there that you don’t wear but keep just in case.

The purpose of clearing out your wardrobe is to remove the dead weight from your collection and if you are keeping hold of most of your wardrobe when doing these clear outs sporadically, you can safely assume you have become too comfortable in your style and have fallen into a rut.

When undertaking a clear out you need to be honest with yourself, no matter how much you paid for a particular item in there, if you no longer wear it or it still has the tags on after 6 months… It has to go.

You have the same hair style as you did years ago

When it comes to your hair, we know that tasking risk isn’t and option and when you have found a style you not only like but can manage and style correctly it can be hard to look towards anything else, we admit that.

However, just as clothing trends come and go, so do hair styles and these are often the hardest thing for us to let go.

Even making the smallest of changes to the way that your hair is cut can be enough to freshen up your style, without having to do anything too intense.

Getting just the right cut can be difficult, especially if you are going to sculpt the look of your hair yourself, so if you are going to be reaching for those aged clippers that you have stored away under the bed, don’t.

Hair clippers have advanced beyond the stone age too, so give yourself the best possible chance of getting the right finish by treating yourself to a new set of clippers first, there are plenty of sites out there that can guide you, like this one that covers salon quality hair clippers.

Don’t go with the basic, cheaper range either as they will be terrible and a mistake here is not an option.

Taking the same swimming shorts away with you, again

swimming shorts

Okay so you are packing your case for your upcoming holiday and you are trying to find those swim shorts that you took away with you last time you went away, two years ago.

If that is ringing any bells then there is something seriously wrong here, swim shorts aren’t for keeps and they certainly aren’t meant to be left in the back of the cupboard until you need to call on them next.

Forget about trying to find them right now, get yourself out and grab some new ones as you’ll be more likely to be able to counteract some of the other points that we have covered while in holiday shopping mode!

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