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While maybe not the first thing that you would think of when it comes to gearing up for your avid gaming sessions, getting both you grip and traction right is vital if you are going to get those split second reactions working in your favour, so we have taken a look at the best gaming gloves the market has to offer.

Created initially for keeping your hands cool and your mouse or controller sweat free, they have become an accessory of choice for many professional and avid gamers across the UK and US and with their popularity increasing significantly within the eSports tournament scene, the market is only going to get even bigger.

So we are here to not only tell you which are the best gaming gloves to buy but instead bring you the very best gaming gloves the market has to offer right now, so there is no need to look anywhere else.

The Best Gaming Gloves for PC

Although there is a growing demand for console gaming gloves, at the moment the UK only has a range of gaming gloves for PC gamers available unless you are going to consider trying your luck with an unknown brand and since we like to ensure that we only recommend safe retailers, we are going to have to focus on gamer gloves for PC gamers first.

EXCO Professional Gaming Gloves

exco gaming gloves for pcThe EXCO Professional Gaming Glove is created specifically for PC gaming fanatics that are looking to not only avoid getting their hands clammy while using their mouse due to sweat but that are also looking for more wrist support than they get currently while playing their games.

Made from diving cloth, they are surprisingly lightweight considering that they feature a padded section located at the base of the wrist that offers a generous amount of padding to provide your wrist with ample support while resting your hand on your gaming mouse.

Breathable and hardwearing, the EXCO gaming glove is the latest innovation in PC gaming and although comes with the additional health benefits of being able to avoid pressure and pinching around the wrist, helps to even distribute the pressure to make your movements faster than ever before.

With a ¾ hand design, the gloves are created to leave your fingers free for better movement and mouse clicking ability, while the remaining area of your hand and wrist are encased within the EXCO gaming glove to keep pressure even throughout the duration of your most challenging gaming sessions.

A real coup for the UK PC gaming market at the moment as there are limited options available thanks to the short supply of their rivals, so you can expect to see these sell quickly too.

What Do Gaming Gloves Do?

Gaming gloves are created for gamers that partake in long gaming sessions and help to provide them with the additional protection against getting sweat or dirt on their gaming mouse of controller, however in the case of the EXCO gaming glove for PC gamers, they also provide vital additional support to the player’s wrist.

Giving a more level gaming posture to the gamers arm while they operate the gaming mouse means that the player can allow for a more even weight distribution through the wrist and into the fingers, helping to reduce the risk of pressure or wrist pinch, also known as mouse wrist.

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