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Getting the upper hand on aching muscles has not always been as simple as it can be now thanks to compression pants and tights for men but with so many options out there claiming all of the right kind of statements and benefits, we take a look at the best mens compression pants on the market right now.

Worn either during or after a workout, mens compression pants have become a large part of muscle recovery thanks to their ability to be able to increase the blood flow within your lower body, which in turn has been proven to aid the recovery time that you could be facing after you attempted to push through the pain barrier to bag that personal best.

The Best Men’s Compression Pants & Tights For Performance and Recovery

Skins Pro Cycling Compression Pants

skins pro mens cycling compression pantsSkins have established themselves as a major brand within the base layer marketplace and have seen their products become some of the most worn compression layers available in recent times, however their Skins Pro Compression Pants are much more than a layer for adding a little more heat on those cooler autumn mornings.

Designed for cycling and working out, they have been developed with gradient compression material that is designed to ensure an enhanced level of blood circulation and oxygen reaches your leg muscles during your exercise, characteristics that are proven to improve power, speed and stamina of your leg muscles when compared to working out without them.

While many compression pant options available are offered in more familiar metric sizing, Skins Pro Compression Pants are sized based on your BMI score, ensuring that you get the upmost performance for results that are visible.

With a design that is created to focus on providing your major muscle groups with the support and compression they need, Skins have developed their own Wrap Knit material that is made up of smaller threads to ensure that every care is taken to provide the compression your body needs to get the best level of performance and recovery capability they can offer.

Nike Mens Pro-Cool ¾ Compression Tights

Nike Pro Cool Compression tightsAnother familiar name within the sporting wear market and one that you will have been expecting to see, Nike have a professional standard of compression tights that are designed to give you to highest level of compression that your body can take without causing discomfort.

This allows their Dri-Fit technology to quickly draw away sweat and keep you comfortable throughout the whole time that you are wearing them, allowing you to keep focus on improving those potential personal bests, whether they are time, weight or resistance related.

Due to the compression material being close fitting to your skin, Nike have developed a flat seam design that is created to allow for the seams to be able to pass easily over your skin without irritation, once again keeping your mind focused on the goals that you have set yourself prior to working out.

A popular choice with professional American footballers and other sportsmen, the Nike Pro-Cool are at the height of the compression pants marketplace and give very little room for those sorry excuses that you might be already thinking up.

Skins Mens A400 Compression Pants

Skins Mens A400 Compression PantsAnother appearance in our list of the best mens compression pants for the Skins brand and for a wealth of good reasons, after all they are the name that we believe is leading the way when it comes to compression tights.

Ready to steer you towards your goal whatever the weather, Skins A400 compression tights feature a unique technology that is designed to work with your body to keep it cool in those more challenging heat conditions but to keep your legs warm as you look to battle the temperature as the morning frost begins to form.

With compression very much a given, Skins have taken a step back from making sure that they hug your figure throughout the whole of your lower body, this time creating a shaped crotch area that will allow for a much more relaxing fit around there, while still being able to provide the perfect level of compression to the quads and gluts areas.

Perfect for cycling, working out in the gym or running, the Skins A400 even come complete with 360 degree reflective elements, meaning that if you can’t beat the sun going down before your workout, you can still keep that new and improved time fully in your sights.

Supacore Coretch Compression Pants for Men

mens coretech compression pantsOne of the lesser known brands in the industry but one that we know will be soon making a big name for itself thanks to the quality of their product, which not only compresses your major muscle groups but does so with body mapping to ensure that they get the support they need to endure the limits that you are about to put them through.

While the other choices that we have already mentioned have been developed to ensure that there is little or no impact on your body while they are worn, Supacore have taken the compression that their leggings provide and developed with through the use of Ribtech technology.

Created to provide your muscles with micro massages throughout the time that they are working, without a single seam in place, Ribtech is thought to further improve the level of blood flow and oxygen circulation your muscles receive, putting them up there as one of the most innovative that we have seen to date.

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