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We are hot on the trial of finding the best mens grooming tools and this time out we set our focus on finding the best mens eyebrow trimmer that the internet has to offer, after all vanity has to start at home, right?

Picture this, you were just recently at the barbers and wake up one morning, a little tired and hardly alert before you stumble to the bathroom to be greeted by one of the scariest sights you have ever seen… Big bushy eyebrows looking straight back at you…

Well that is the sort of greeting that millions of men across the world have woken up to at least once in their life but those that have beaten you to seeing that monstrosity have already taken action and have picked up one of the best mens eyebrow trimmers on the market, so let’s get you kitted out eh?

The ‘Best Eyebrow Trimmer for Men’ Winners

When it comes to personal grooming there are a few grey areas that will allow you to maybe experiment a little with the less premium choices, but when it comes to trimming your body hair there has to be a certain level of minimum requirement if you want to avoid a mishap ruining your day.

When it comes to finding the best eyebrow trimmers for men, we have a vast wealth of experience in exactly this, trimming our own eyebrows to keep them neat and tidy but that also means that we have experienced a couple of horror stories along the way too.

So allow us to guide you through the best eye brow trimmers of 2017 and make sure that you can avoid those times that your trimmer decides to ignore the guard or decides that instead of being a trimmer it would become an epilator and tear your hair out from the root.

Philips Series 3000 NT3160

philips NT3160 Series 3000 eyebrow trimmerPhilips are at the height of the men’s grooming tools market and have a wide range of popular electrical products that are used by men all across the world daily, especially within the dry shave market.

The fact that their brand has become a leading name in electric razors made it a complete no brainer for them to come back out swinging from the gates when it comes to men’s eyebrow care and they have done just what we would have expected, nailed it.

If we take a look at the Philips NT3610 Trimmer Series 3000, we can quickly see why it has become one of the biggest sellers in this market space, serving up a multi-tool that will not only help you to take those rogue eyebrows but also eliminate nose and ear hair too if you needed it to.

While considered to be one of the more expensive options that we list here, coming in under £15, it certainly flexes its muscle when it comes to being one of the more premium options around, complete with additional attachments for keeping those nose and ear hairs at bay too.

Featuring an angled head with what they reference to as accurate and sharp cutting slots, it is designed to make the eyebrow trimming process easier than ever, making the perfect cut the first time of asking thanks to a thin foil guard that prevents the cutting spaces from wondering.

For those that are looking to make use of the Philips Series 3000 trimmer for eyebrows, nose and ears, you will be pleased to know that it is suitable for rinsing under the tap, allowing you to keep your attachments clean and ready for use next time.

The final point to remember is if this is your first time of self-grooming your eyebrows, there is no need to panic as you are also supplied with two cutting guards that will ensure that you can’t cut your eyebrows too short, a very welcome addition for those that have a nervous disposition about attempting this for the first time.

Panasonic ER-GN30 Eyebrow Trimmer

panasonic er-gn30 eyebrow trimmerAnother big name in the mens grooming electrical circuit, Panasonic have also made it into our list of the best mens eyebrow trimmers that you can buy with their advanced ER-GN30 model which makes use of a wet/dry vortex cleaning system.

While that may sound like leaving it to clean is going to start a tornado in your bathroom, the reality is that it simply means that when washing your trimmer under the tap it will free the lose hair without having to remove the dual-edge cutting head.

Not quite as premium as the Philips Series 3000 by any means, it is still capable of trimming eyebrows, nose and ear hair as you require, however without the additional attachments that are included in other options listed in our top 3, which for us personally rules it out as being the one that we would choose if we were looking for anything more than a simple eyebrow trimmer.

One of the things that we felt could have been improved is the level of protection that you were given when it comes to actually making your eyebrows to the shape and density that you are looking for, as internally the Panasonic has cutting blades that are located at the edges of the tip rather than throughout.

While we like the concept that the design is meant to create, we simply believe that at just under the cost of the Philips, we should have been given a little more control over the way in which we would be cutting our hair.

iXium Eyebrow Trimmer

iXium eyebrow trimmerWhile we often advise that you stay away from unknown brands when it comes to grooming facial hair, we knew that there will be some of our readers that are looking to be able to shop on a budget and that meant that we needed to dig a little deeper than the more mid-range products that we usually take a look at.

With that, let us introduce the iXium eyebrow trimmer, a small and easily portable personal grooming device that has the ability to not only keep those eyebrows in check but also allows you to trim nose, ear and even moustache hair with ease.

One of the things that drew us to this one was the cutting edge was very similar to the likes of the Philips, ignoring the more traditional cone shaped cutting end in favour of a slanted collection of smaller cutting shapes that allow for a smooth and clean cut without the risk of trying to pull the hair from the root, which we all know brings a tear to the eyes.

Although it has made it onto our list, we are suggesting that this is more of a travel style trimmer for the times that you are either away or business, going away or simply just to keep in the car in case you failed to catch a glimpse of your wild brows before heading out of the door this morning.

Priced very reasonably, it would definitely do the job you need it to do without those eye watering moments that other budget lines seem to bring along with them and since there are two cutting guards that come with it, there is very little margin for error.

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