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About The Carrotty Kid

Well guys, it seems that you have successfully been able to find my online world and clearly by now should be able to see that I have a passion for fashion and everything that surrounds that, whether it be simply keeping up to date with the latest designer releases or passing comment on some of the more talked about points in the fashion industry today, you’ll find it all here on The Carrotty Kid.

Okay, so a little bit about why you are finding me here, on this domain.

The Birth of The Carrotty Kid

So it seems that although I was born fit and healthy, i wasn’t really gifted at too much in the way of being artistic, playing sports or handling social situations like a socialite from Made in Chelsea, instead I was one of your average Joe kind of guys that studied hard in school, was always picked last at sports (even if it was through gritted teeth) and that loves fashion.

The name came from one instance in high school during one of those awkward times that I decided that I would unleash my sub-standard football skills on the watching crowd of popular kids, when the crushing blow came… The strangest, must un-imaginative name i’d heard… “I’ll have the carrotty kid….”.

The name stuck and that was the birth of my new nickname and how I am still known to a couple of close friends that have known me through the days of high school and on.

The Carrotty Kid Fashion Blog

So my love of the latest trends and keeping up to date with designer news has finally drawn me to the online world as so many of my friends from university seem to be doing these days, allowing me to share a few hints, tips and more news style posts from the fashion world with a bigger community than simply boring my house mates with stuff that they don’t really want to know.

Footwear, trends and news, a perfect balance of content here on the site that will hopefully inspire you to not only want to take the time to read what I have to say but to share it with your fellow fashionista’s so that they too can communicate with a fellow fashion head.

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